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Natural Finish Sealers
Gloss Sealers (Wet Look)
Anti-Graffiti System

Providing quality water repellents, anti-graffiti coatings, masonry sealers, and stains, elastomeric coatings and below grade waterproofing products for the construction industry..

The products are scientifically proven formulations for both horizontal and vertical substrate applications; including an extensive line of masonry water repellents and sealers, elastomeric coatings, masonry stains, anti-graffiti products and specialty masonry coatings.

The Rainguard range of products are currently the 2nd most specified specialty coatings in the America according to the McGraw Hill Information services. The company has been in existance since 1969 and has completed over 50,000 new and remodel construction projects throughout North America.

Rainguard Australia is now bringing these range of successful products to the Australian Market.